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Is Your Senior Dog “Slowing Down?” We Can Help!

Many dogs become arthritic as they age, but that doesn’t have to slow them down. We are glad things like Rimadyl and other NSAIDs are available for dogs, but if you don’t want to load your bestie up on pills, there are more natural alternatives to help with arthritis.

We use a combination of diet, plant-based natural pain relievers like curcumin, fish oils, hemp oils, Chinese herbal meds, acupuncture, laser therapy, Tui Na massage, Assisi Loops, strength-building techniques, manual therapy from the PT world including exercise therapy. Lastly, but probably the most important thing we do, is teach you how to up your nutrition game. This is the one thing that will make the MOST difference!

This combination works better than just Rimadyl alone since we address the pain at its source and at the same time, build surrounding muscles to support the arthritic joint. Fueling your doggo’s body with non-brown food helps everything work better!

We recommend using only medicinal-grade, organic (if possible), supplements and herbal meds. Hint: this is not what you’ll find at most pet stores, Costco or CVS!

Ask us for recommendations if you are overwhelmed with the choices. We routinely research the quality and efficacy of supplements so that we are certain what we recommend is safe and will work.

After your visit with us we’ll come up with a game plan for your fur baby with brands and doses of everything we recommend for pain management. You can order the supplements we recommend here .

Dr. Turner practices integrative veterinary medicine for dogs and cats at Heal in Stateline, Nevada. She can be reached at 775-580-6062 or [email protected]

Chai gets regular acupuncture to maintain mobility and help her with a chronic liver issue.