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We provide Acupuncture and Integrative Veterinary Care to all life stages. Our patients maintain their relationship with their regular veterinarian for routine and emergency care.


Well-pet and Preventive Care

Your pet is healthy or you just got a new puppy? Let’s keep him that way! In conjunction with routine veterinary care, integrative medicine offers powerful tools to keep animals healthy and intercept problems early.


    • Optimal nutrition from the start (hint: it doesn’t come in a bag)
    • Antibody titer testing tells us that puppies responded to vaccination and are protected, and whether older pets need booster vaccines or not
    • Individualized vaccine protocols
    • Acupuncture to support a strong immune system for disease and cancer prevention. More about acupuncture …
    • Targeted supplements for effective preventive care
    • Exercise therapy to prevent orthopedic disease and injury
    • Pet Insurance questions? Check out this comprehensive summary of benefits which compares many companies.
    • NEW! Low Stress Nail Trims. Teach your dog to enjoy this procedure with our low-stress technique.

Integrative Care

Holisitc care for pets with chronic illness or mobility issues

As integrative care providers, we support dogs and cats recovering from chronic illnesses or injury using holistic modalities to provide an added layer of support. We often add support that is non-pharmaceutical such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, or laser therapy.  We see our patients regularly and make changes as needed to keep them comfortable and mobile. Examples of pets we help include those with any chronic disease including kidney disease, IBD, anxiety, seizures, arthritis pain, lameness, ACL tears, back pain, neurologic disease, geriatric weakness, weight loss, and endocrine issues. Many of our patients have a combination of health issues.


  • New! Housecalls available on Wednesdays starting in January. Purrfect for cats and couch potatoes. We will offer exams, palliative care, acupuncture, nail trims, massage, pain management. call for more info!
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into specific points on a patient to produce a physiologic response. Stimulation of these points can lead to an increase in circulation, decrease in muscle spasm and modulation of pain. Acupuncture can treat both musculoskeletal and neurologic issues and is often used in conjunction with other therapies. More about acupuncture …
  • Physical Rehabilitation: See below
  • Nutrition/Food Therapy:  Many pets with chronic disease or allergies will respond to improved diet Learn how to feed nutritious whole foods to your pet using what’s in your refrigerator at home.  If chopping or cooking isn’t for you, we can help you choose the best commercial options available.
  • Herbal Medicine and Supplements: We can help you weed through the label claims and provide evidence-based, high quality products for targeted therapy. We have a complete in-house herbal pharmacy and only use the purest medicinal grade supplements for the best outcomes.

Canine Physical Rehabilitation


Canine Rehabilitation is the diagnosis and management of patients with painful or functionally limiting musculoskeletal or neurologic conditions.  Examples of some of the conditions we typically see who benefit from rehabilitation include post-surgical injury repair and ACL tears, non-surgical orthopedic injury, intervertebral disk disease, arthritis, and muscle strains. The goal of rehabilitation is to achieve the highest level of mobility, independence, and quality of life possible for the patient. The following modalities are frequently used in physical rehabilitation for pain management:


  • NEW! Hydrotherapy now available at Heal! We are the proud parents of Tahoe’s only underwater treadmill. Read more about hydrotherapy here!
  • NEW! We have partnered with Jenny Jones Moe, DPT, CCRT of Pawesome PT to offer your pets the most advanced rehabilitation options available anywhere. Read more about Jenny and PT for pets here!
  • Therapeutic ExerciseTherapeutic exercises improves strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination and slows progression of disease. Our goal is to improve mobility and quality of life.
  • Electro-stimulation: decreases pain and inflammation by providing a low level electrical current which disrupts the normal pain perception pathways.
  • Pulsed Magnetic Electric Field (PEMF):  speeds healing by improving blood flow to injured areas, reduces inflammation and provide pain relief. PEMF therapy can be delivered via mats, jackets and even portable loops and is a highly effective, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical option for pain management.
  • Laser Therapy:  Laser therapy is the use of light energy to stimulate tissue repair and provide pain management. Laser therapy may alleviate muscle and joint discomfort, relieve symptoms of arthritis, relax muscle spasms and increase blood flow to an area, helping injuries to heal.
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into specific points on a patient to produce a physiologic response. Stimulation of these points can lead to an increase in circulation, decrease in muscle spasm and modulation of pain. Acupuncture can treat both musculoskeletal and neurologic issues and is often used in conjunction with other therapies. More about acupuncture …
  • Animal Massage Therapy: Massage therapy is a series of manual techniques used to improve a patient’s physical and emotional well-being. Physiological benefits of massage include pain relief, improved joint mobility, relaxation, and increased circulation.
  • Manual Therapy: Manual therapy includes a variety of techniques, including passive range of motion, stretching, and joint mobilization. Manual therapies can be of great benefit to joints, allowing for greater movement and can also provide significant pain relief.
  • Nutrition/Food Therapy:   Food therapy uses principles of Chinese Medicine to improve nutrition. It helps pets heal from injury and illness faster, aids with weight loss, builds muscle, and improves well-being.

Integrative Cancer Care & "Pawspice"

Pets can live quality lives even with cancer or chronic illness.  We provide a palliative option for animals to maintain the highest quality of life possible while living with cancer or chronic illness.  If you have chosen to pursue chemotherapy or intensive conventional therapy for your pet, the addition of palliative or hospice care supports the patient through ups and downs, and maintains appetite, mobility, and energy. Using immuno-nutrition (targeted supplements to support the immune system), acupuncture, herbal medicine, rehabilitation, and nutrition therapy, we promote a high quality of life for pets living with cancer.


  • Palliative and Hospice Care for Dogs and Cats:  We provide an additional level of care to maintain a high quality of life for pets and pet parents. Our focus is mobility, comfort care, nutrition and minimizing side effects. We help with quality of life assessment and decision-making guidance. Please contact us as soon as your pet is diagnosed so we can help you with strategies to minimize stress, pain, and discomfort and improve quality of life.  We want to find a way to keep your pet doing whatever it is that they love to do. Please note: we only are able to provide home euthanasia services to our palliative and hospice care patients. Please contact us for more information. Click here for pet loss support & resources.

What does your pet love to do?

We’ll keep your pets loving life. Don’t let injuries, arthritis or chronic illness keep your pets from doing what they love!

A little more about us
Success Stories


Chronic Arthritis and ACL tear

Huey Louis is a happy guy despite chronic arthritis in his back and multiple joints. He visits us for acupuncture, rehab, laser, and massage therapy to help his aches and pains. He loves the PEMF bed he uses for at-home therapy between visits. He takes herbal medicine and eats a nutritious and balanced homemade diet full of fresh foods and vegetables. Huey is doing great despite his arthritis. He has a great attitude and he loves to visit Heal.


Recovery from paralysis

Jingo was a miracle dog who recovered from paralysis in 2014 and continues to thrive today. He was sent home from UC Davis after they decided he was not a candidate for surgery. Still unable to walk, his prognosis for recovery was guarded. He started having acupuncture treatments and after just a few sessions, he started walking again. Jingo continues to visit for acupuncture, massage, and exercise therapy sessions to help maintain his strength and mobility.


End of Life Care

Bunny started coming to see us after conventional medicine failed to provide her with improvement in her mobility.  Her Mom was concerned her decline might mean the end was near.  When she started coming to Heal, she could only take a few steps before collapsing on to her head or falling over because of hind end weakness. But after several patient weeks of acupuncture, food therapy, and herbal medicine, she was running again. Bunny lived another happy and mobile two years with an amazing quality of life before she faced some other serious medical issues. We miss her sweet little pug face and challenging wiggly acupuncture sessions.
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