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Dear Pet Parent,

Thank you for your interest in working with Heal! We are once again looking forward to welcoming new patients to our practice. This letter contains information that should answer most of your questions. As always if you have any questions remaining, or wish to schedule an appointment, please email or text for quickest response.

It is very helpful if you can provide the following prior to your appointment:

  1. Please fill out the NEW PET REGISTRATION
  2. Ask your family vet to Email all previous records, labs, and x rays pertaining to the current condition to vet@healvetmed.com

If you have been waiting a while to see us — Thank you for your patience — we deeply appreciate the support of this community and your interest in working with us.

About Heal:

Heal was started by me, Dr. Carrie Turner, in 2013. I am a licensed veterinarian for 19 years in California and Nevada. My integrative approach to healing combines skills from conventional Western medicine with Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, and canine physical rehabilitation including laser and aqua therapy. Our practice concentration is maintaining high life quality for senior dogs and cats using integrative medicine, rehab, nutrition, and acupuncture. In addition, we provide post-operative and post-injury physical rehabilitation for all ages. We are there for you for end of life palliative care, hospice, home euthanasia, and aftercare.

Our Facility:

Our beautiful clinic was designed with pets and people who love them in mind. From our high-traction flooring, sun-filled relaxing space, soothing music, low-stress handling, aroma therapy, yummy treats, and comfy treatment areas to our state-of-the-art underwater treadmill, we want both humans and four legged fur kids to feel at home here.

Routine Pet Healthcare and Your Regular Vet:

We work in partnership with your family veterinarian so we can focus on what we do best, and they are there with Western medical expertise when you need it. All patients should maintain a relationship with their local family veterinarian for routine and urgent care, including regular checkups and dental care. We keep in close touch with your family veterinarian and will email a summary of your visits. We are not set up to provide routine or urgent veterinary care at Heal. We refer you to your family vet if we recommend any diagnostics like x rays or lab work or procedures like dental cleaning or surgery. We do not provide vaccination or nail trims.

What to Expect: Your First Visit

Your first visit will take 60 minutes to meet you and your pet and do a thorough exam and assessment for rehab and/or acupuncture. This is a great opportunity for pets to get to know us and our office, get lots of love, treats, and attention, and start to feel comfortable. They will love coming back when treatments start at your next visit!

The New Patient Integrative Exam:

  • Review of your pet’s history, medical records, lab work, and imaging
  • Evaluating current diet, supplements, and medications
  • Physical Examination
  • Orthopedic/neurologic/rehabilitation assessment if pet has mobility issues
  • Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) examination in Acupuncture if desired
  • Setting therapeutic goals, explaining treatment options, creating a plan
  • Patient visit reportemailed to you and your family vet
  • After visit support: Text message or email availability for quick questions. Scheduled phone or facetime consultations are $50/15 minutes for more complex questions or problems.

What to Expect:  Therapy Visits:  therapy sessions for acupuncture or rehabilitation are booked for 30, 50, 90, or 120 minutes.

30 min visit options: great for post-surgical recovery or most mobility issues

  1. Aqua-therapy/underwater treadmill plus one other rehab modality: cold laser, TENS, manual therapy, cryotherapy, aqua-acupuncture, PEMF, therapeutic exercise
  2. Rehabilitation manual therapy plus 2 modalities: cold laser, TENS, cryotherapy, aqua-acupuncture, therapeutic exercise, PEMF, based on each patient’s individual goals and personality.
  3. Acupuncture

50-minute visit options: for neurologic or more severe/chronic mobility issues

  1. Aqua therapy/underwater treadmill with rehabilitation/ modalities +/- acupuncture
  2. Rehabilitation/modalities + acupuncture
  3. Advanced acupuncture plus cold laser

90/120-minute visit: intensive or neurologic rehabilitation

Cost: Initial Consultation $299, 30-minute visit $135, 50-minute visit $215, 90-minute visit $395, 120-minute visit $525

How Often? We generally see new patients once or twice per week for 6-8 sessions.  After seeing positive results, we may advise shorter appointments, or less frequent visits, or come only as needed for “tune ups.” However, if there are new issues or any setbacks, an assessment ($85) will be scheduled, in addition to the therapy visit.

Day of your appointment: Human caregivers may accompany a patient for any visit. We can also accommodate people who prefer car-to-clinic drop-off. Please arrive early enough so you have time to take a short walk so your pet can relax and use the bathroom before coming in the office. You can text 530-539-4516 when you arrive. Please do not knock. As soon as we are finished with the patient ahead of you and have cleaned the facility, we will be out to meet you!

Dogs who will be using the underwater treadmill MUST eliminate before being allowed in the treadmill. Dogs with cough or diarrhea cannot use the treadmill. Poop accidents in the treadmill shut it down for the remainder of the day and next day, so we have a “one strike you’re out” policy. A cleaning fee of $100 is charged.

Please be on time for your appointment as we do not have flexibility in our schedule to run overtime into the next appointment. Please allow enough time to arrive and walk your dog before your appointment time.

Supplements, Herbal, and Prescription Medicine:  Wellevate is the online dispensary we use to provide you a convenient and trusted option to order the supplements we recommend and receive a 10% discount. After your first visit you will receive an Email invitation to register at Wellevate and order your supplements. When you purchase on Wellevate, you help fund our Heal Gives Back mission. I have researched all products we offer in the dispensary and confirmed they are medicinal grade, high quality, ethically sourced, and use best manufacturing practices. Since I cannot guarantee the quality of authenticity of pet store, Costco, Chewy, Amazon, etc. supplement products, I do not recommend them.

Payment: All forms of payment are accepted. Invoices are emailed to you after each transaction. Payment plans are available through Scratch Pay. Pet insurance is accepted.

Cancelation Policy:  If you need to cancel your appointment, please give us 2 days-notice so we can offer that time to others. Heal is open by appointment-only Wednesday- Saturday. We have a strict cancellation policy and charge $65 for no shows and cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice. Thank you for your understanding and consideration of our time. ***If you are sick or exposed to COVID, there is no cancelation fee. Just cancel with as much notice as possible. **

Location: We are in the Kingsbury Center at 290 Kingsbury Grade, Suite 23. We are the first corner office on your right in the second group of buildings. If you see Audibles Bar, you have passed us.

Questions: Please contact me with any questions or to make an appontment — text or email for the fastest reply. I look forward to working with you!



Carrie Turner, DVM, CVA, CCRT
Heal Integrative Vet / Text: 530-539-4516 / Email: vet@healvetmed.com / www.healvetmed.com

290 Kingsbury Grade #23, Stateline, Nevada / Office: 775-580-6062

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