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Heal is ready to help you and your pets. Current hours are Tuesday and Thursday 9-5, closed for lunch.

Heal is providing dog drop-off car-to-clinic service. All communication with Dr. Turner can be done by phone or with Zoom or FaceTime before, during or after the visit. If your pet is experiencing severe pain, paralysis, chronic illness, mobility issues, or requires home hospice care, please call so we can help.

We are offering the option for ONE human caregiver to accompany a patient during an initial exam. We prefer that treatment appointments are drop off appointments, but we will make determinations on a case by case basis. We can easily maintain a six-foot social distance in our treatment area, can open windows, and always disinfect between patients.

If you or someone in your household are sick, please do not come to your appointment. We have waived all cancelation fees during this time and don’t mind if you need to late cancel if you are not feeling well.

My pet seems ill or injured but I’m not really sure, what should I do?

Heal is offering FREE triage consultations via text message to anyone who needs it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you have a quick question or need advice, text 530-539-4516 with your name, pet’s name, age, breed, sex, and your question. If more information is needed, we may call you. These FREE consults are meant to help you decide if your pet needs to see a vet now or if it can wait or what other options there may be. If your dog is having mobility or any other issues not considered urgent enough for a visit with your regular vet, we may be able to provide some simple ideas to bring comfort.

The intention is to be a resource for any pet parents in our community to help families navigate pet health during this stressful time. Please note that if your question is urgent and can’t wait for an answer on Tuesday or Thursday, you should call your vet or an emergency vet.

Telemedicine/telehealth consultation is available.

You don’t have to leave your home to get answers. This is a  more in depth, 30-60 minute consultation to provide more specific health advice for your pet. In some cases, Dr. Turner will need to have examined your pet in the past or currently with a drop off appointment first before she can give you specific advice.

To schedule a telemed consult, text 530-539-4516 or email vet@healvetmed.com to provide some basic information and schedule a time.

Consultations are billed $85/30 minutes. Dr. Turner can consult on any veterinary issue from urgent care/triage to mobility concerns to chronic health issues, nutrition, cancer care,  palliative/hospice care, and can provide both integrative and conventional advice.

“What if my pet has an issue, and I or someone in my family is sick, what am I supposed to do?”

Let’s start with tele-triage (see above) and go from there. Dr. Turner can help you decide if you need to go to a veterinarian’s office or may be able to advise you on how to handle the problem at home.  Most full service veterinarians are open and we can facilitate your pet’s issue while partnering with your regular vet.

Is Dr. Turner doing house calls?

House calls are available on a case-by-case basis. Dr. Turner will not enter your home, will use PPE, and will limit contact with families so social distance can be maintained. Visits can be conducted in a garage or on a deck or yard as the weather improves. 

Refills and supplements are available for pick up or dropship to your door. Text 530-539-4516 with your request.

We would like to reassure clients that your health and the pets under our care is our biggest priority. We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation daily and will update this as necessary. We are doing this to minimizing the spread of the virus to our most vulnerable human population while helping keep our pets healthy and happy.  Let us know if you have any questions.

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