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Dog’s love to swim and nothing beats exercising in water to build endurance and strength. Over the past several years many dogs had to travel to Reno for this unique therapy. Well, we decided to bring hydrotherapy HERE for Tahoe’s dogs (and cat’s too)! Tahoe’s first and only underwater treadmill is ready for your pets!

Underwater Treadmill and water therapy at Heal

The buoyancy of and relaxing effect of warm water create a safe and comfortable environment for recovery from injury. Hydrotherapy can improve flexibility and decrease pain. Improved muscle strength, fitness, circulation, and range of motion are additional benefits.

  • Hydrotherapy is beneficial for dogs (and yes, even cats) who are recovering from injury or surgery, suffer from any lameness, and paralyzed pets.
  • Hydrotherapy is especially beneficial for dogs who suffer from arthritis because the warm water helps reduce joint pain and improve circulation.
  • Dog’s love hydrotherapy!
  • Hydrotherapy fitness packages available now! Gift certificates available!